Hot Air Airships

Our workshop is new, but we do already have 14 years of experience in airship building. Our first, 6-seater, double engine airship was produced in 1996, and it flew under a Hungarian registration mark. The designs and the gondola of the airship were prepared by an enterprise called "Jakab Airships", and the sewing of the balloon material was done by Notheisz and Sós Balloon Ltd. in co-operation with a designer. It was a great honour for us that Karl-Ludvig Busemeier, the Director of GEFA-FLUG also flew with our airship and he appreciated our achievements. He was astonished to see that everything happened so fast between our first meeting, the designing phase and implementation. Today already computer graphics displays our designs in virtual reality allowing us to further develop our quality and safety. The quality of the materials used by us is the same as the quality of the materials of the most modern hot air airships of our days. For greater safety we continue producing our vehicles with two engines.

ART Airship and Balloon Ltd offers its customers a newly developed 8-seater hot air airship.

The virtual design of our new 8-seater airship, in the background with the retiring 6-seater one


The new 8-seater gondola


Utilisation areas

Our airships may be used primarily for pleasure flights, as advertisement surfaces, and for preparing air photos. They may be used for assessing forest damages, preparing flood protection surveys, and archaeological researches. Our product offers an extremely large advertisement surface of an approximate area of 320 m2 per side, which may be prepared according to specific demands, and with a panorama view of 720 m2.

Data of our airship:


53,6 m


16,2 m

Volume of the balloon:

6400 m3

Maximal lifting capacity:

1650 kg

Size of the advertisement surface:

310 m2 suspendable advertisement per side

its complete advertisement surface is 720 m2


2x26 HP Rotax or 2x40 HP Simonini


2 pairs of KÖGÁZ 3 burners

Material of the envelope:

Carrington HyperLast

Passenger capacity:

1 pilot + 7 passengers (altogether 8 persons)

Flight time - 2 person operation:

Max. 6 hours

Flight time - 8 person operation:

Max. 2 hours


Advantages offered by our product:

The wheel distances of the gondola, the ring of the two propeller protectors ensure stability that never requires stabilisation by human force. The charging of the cold air is done by the engine of the airship, and therefore the stabilizing fins are becoming stiff simultaneously. This not only shortens the building up time compared to other existing airships, but the stiffness of the wing parts keeps the body of the balloon horizontal, and consequently the gondola always stands in a stable manner on its four wheels. If due to any technical failure one of the engines would halt, the flight may be still completed safely with the other one. This is important when flying over waters, mountains, forests and large cities. The inside harness is laid on the ceiling in four lines - instead of two -, and therefore the load on the seaming is reduced to its half. When designing the airship our purpose was to reduce the weight, and as a result less heat is needed for ascending. This not only increases safety, but significantly extends the lifetime of the material of the balloon as well.

Why an 8-seater airship?
We would like to share the adventure with as many people as possible. Operation is more economic this way. Increasing the number of seats did not require any change in the technical units, for this reason the manufacturing costs did not increase significantly compared to the 6-seater, and thus our prices remained advantageous.

Why a hot air airship?

Hot air airships have a number of advantages compared to the helium airships:

Hot air airship

Helium airship

Favourable price

Prices higher with orders of magnitude

Small transportation and storage size, can be stored in a trailer

A hangar is needed for its storage, a lorry is needed for building up the fixing column

Low maintenance costs, it is practically always available

High maintenance costs, annually at least 1 month downtime for main maintenance.

There is no need for a large staff. Available experienced pilots

More expensively trained pilot, assistance pilot and a larger staff is required

Relatively fast production

Long production time


Our previous airships in pictures

Our airship models facilitate the development of the prototypes, and their cold air variants without engines serve as decorations.

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